Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, I am finally tackling the outside of the house! Thanks to one of my very good friends, Judy, and her husband, Mike, we were able to get the English boxwoods planted, two "nevergreen" trees and a holly (that was growing in the middle of another tree) removed.  And, (bonus!), the start to my kitchen herb garden.

 Hmmm...A window box. That is what this window needs... 

so I started searching...



I think this is the one!

 From  Plow&Hearth ,  3' Easy-Care Yorkshire Window Box with a Sub-Irrigation Water System $109.95

There are some beautiful pictures of window boxes on Pinterest, and window boxes to purchase at Window Box PlantersSimply Planters, and Window Box

Plant a window box:

    1. Select your window box,  available in plastic, wood or in a long wire shape called a hayrack. Match the width to that of your window for best appearance and the color to your exterior color scheme. Look for a box at least 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep to maintain moisture for the roots.
    2. Drill or poke holes about every 4 inches in the bottom of the window box to provide drainage if holes aren’t already present.
    3. Add potting soil to the window box. Mix in slow-release fertilizer and water retention crystals.
    4. Pack your window flower boxes with plants for an instant effect, or a smaller quantity and allow them to fill in the spaces as they grow.  Having a mixture of sizes fills in gaps in the window box.
    5. Place tall flowers such as coleus and geraniums in the back of the window flower box, or if your box is going to be seen from both sides, place tall ones in the middle. Fill in the rest of your box with medium height and short plants, such as alyssum, pansies and portulaca. Also, add some trailing plants such as sweet potato vines and trailing petunias.
    6. Water your plants regularly, as much as twice daily in the heat of the summer for boxes facing south or west.  Feed them every two weeks from spring to summer with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength.

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Until next time!

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